Episode 1.03

On December 9th 1965 an anomalous object was tracked on radar and seen by thousands of people as it streaked across the night sky. The object flew over six states as well Winsor Ontario. It was reported that it left traces of hot metal over parts of Michigan and Northern Ohio. After Causing Sonic booms in Western Pennsylvania it came crashing to the earth just outside of Kecksburg Pennsylvania. The original explanation was a meteor. In 2005 NASA released a statement saying they had studied deris from the site and confirmed it was downed Russian satellite. However NASA’s findings for Kecksburg were lost sometime in the 1990’s. But was it, or was it something else entirely? Back in December of ’65 the humble people of Kecksburg didn’t know it yet but they were about to beome “the roswell of Pennsylvania”.

Kecksburg Prop form  Unsolved Mysteries

Kecksburg Prop form Unsolved Mysteries

What the object may have looked like on a truck
A rendering of the object in the sky (Cool Interesting Stuff)


WikiPedia article about Kecksburg UFO incident

WikiPedia article about Kosmos 96


There are a few towns named Sokolec laying around Eurpoe.  The one we are concernng our selves with is the one located in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland.  Proir to 1945 this land was part of Germany.  The area around Sokelec is best known for two things.  The first is Project Riese (German for Giant) and Die Glocke or the Nazi Bell.    

Is this the "Henge"?
An Artist Rendering of the Nazi Bell
Junkers Ju-390 Plane
Bill List Mansion (YouTube)

Bill List Mansion (YouTube)

Fred Knoop